Arrpwere People is a professional digital staff augmentation and recruitment service provider. Our services encompass a wide range of offerings, including dedicated ICT and business support, while our affiliation with the Arrpwere Group ensures we have access to a broad network of seasoned professionals.



We specialise in sourcing and recruiting both non-cleared and security-cleared professionals. Our Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership gives us the ability to sponsor clearances, providing our clients and candidates a competitive advantage in the market.

Robust Candidate Selection

Our candidate selection process is rigorous and ensures our clients have access to top-tier candidates, often before they enter the job market. We are committed to delivering quality talent to our clients.

Extensive Talent Pool

Extensive Talent Pool As part of the wider Arrpwere Group, we have access to a diverse repository of experienced prof essionals. This resource allows us to aim for a perfect fit within organisations as we not only match each candidate based on their technical skills but also on their personality.

Open and Honest Partnership

Our transparent and collaborative approach with our clients allows us to provide advice on the availability of suitably qualified human resources. We aim to foster trust and help our clients make informed decisions about hiring.

Trusted Source of Insight

Offering more than just a recruitment service, we position ourselves as a trusted source of valuable insights into candidates. Our depth of understanding assists clients to make well-informed choices.

Niche Skills

We source candidates with a range of niche skills, such as cyber specialists, IRAP assessors, program managers, and governance and assurance consultants. In addition, we provide candidates for business support roles, including program support officers, business analysts and procurement specialists.


Our sourcing processes are key to attracting candidates to Arrpwere People, but so is our reputation.
Both as a company and as part of the wider Arrpwere Group, we have an exemplary reputation within the
IT market. With a reputation that signifies our expertise and trustworthiness, we attract quality candidates in the competitive IT industry.
Along with the personal reputations of our recruitment specialists, our company reputation plays a pivotal role in attracting candidates. We have access to a large and diverse talent pool, which benefits our clients.


At Arrpwere People, the sourcing approach we use to find the best candidates for clients involves a multifaceted strategy.
This strategy involves three key points:

Diverse Sourcing Channels

We employ various standard sourcing platforms, including LinkedIn and Seek, which are commonly used in the industry for talent acquisition.

Leveraging Professional Networks

An important aspect of our sourcing strategy involves tapping into our extensive networks. We rely on the personal and professional connections we have built over time. Our networks provide insights into potential candidates via trusted sources.

Holistic Matching Criteria

At Arrpwere People, we understand the importance of interpersonal dynamics within the work environment, and how critical it is for successful engagement. With this in mind, we focus not only on the candidate’s technical qualifications and ability to perform the role but also consider their personality and cultural fit with the organisation.


At Arrpwere People, we have developed a comprehensive assessment process to ensure our candidates have the necessary skills and experience required for a role.

Access to a Pool of Technical Experts

As part of the broader Arrpwere Group, we have access to a wide range of technical subject matter experts. These experts have diverse skills, including project and program management, engineering, software development, infrastructure, testing and architecture. This access ensures we have the expertise available to assess candidates across various roles.

Technical Resource Involvement

Our assessment process includes a specific internal resource who has in-depth knowledge of the role being interviewed. This expert evaluates the candidate’s technical skills and experience to ensure they meet all the criteria and requirements of the role.

Reference Checks

Prior to placing a candidate with a client, we conduct a reference check. These checks help verify the candidate’s claimed experience and provide additional assurance that the candidate possesses the necessary skills and experience.

Holistic Assessment

By combining technical resource involvement, reference checks and interviews conducted by our talent acquisition specialists, we have created a well-rounded assessment process. This approach not only ensures the candidate possesses the necessary technical skills but also evaluates their cultural fit with the client’s organisation.


Through its consulting arm, Arrpwere Group has a significant advantage when it comes to clearances and onboarding for candidates in the defence industry.

Participation in the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

Being part of DISP allows us to take a proactive approach in workforce engagement. We are able to assess uncleared candidates at the initial stages of the engagement process. If needed, we have the ability to hold and manage security clearances internally for our candidates. This flexibility is valuable as it allows us to seamlessly provide candidates to clients who require security clearances.

Expertise in Onboarding Processes

We have extensive experience with the onboarding processes and packages that exist within defence, government and large corporations. We work within multiple departments, each with their unique requirements and clearances. Our familiarity with the different processes ensures we navigate the onboarding process smoothly and efficiently.

Our involvement in DISP and our experience with a variety of defence, government and non-government onboarding processes position us to manage and streamline the clearance and onboarding process for candidates, particularly in the context of government and defence-related work.


At Arrpwere People, we demonstrate a strong commitment to compliance and regulatory activities through various certifications and a comprehensive approach.

ISO 9001
Quality Management System Certification

We hold ISO 9001: 2015 certification. This certification shows our adherence to quality management standards, ensuring our processes and procedures meet internationally recognised quality benchmarks. In addition, our certification demonstrates our dedication to delivering high-quality services to our clients and customers.

ISO 27001
Information Security Management System Certification

The international standard for information security management systems, ISO 27001 focuses on data protection and security. With this accreditation, we demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding sensitive information.

DISP Certification

Arrpwere Group is DISP certified. This certification ensures we meet the necessary security requirements for specific engagements. Our certification is especially relevant when working with government and defence-related projects.

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