Arrpwere Cyber has a team of security cleared knowledge leaders who have led complex programs across all security classifications in the cybersecurity domain. Arrpwere Cyber provides cybersecurity for Government and commercial sectors.


Cyber Security Health Check Assessment

Cyber-attacks are increasing and hitting organisations of all sizes and across all verticals, which has created a need to rapidly assess the current information security posture.
Arrpwere’s Cyber Security Health Check Assessment provides organisations with a thorough overview of cyber maturity. Depending on organisation’s scope of requirements, the assessment can be a combination of technical, logical, process-related and physical inspection services, including interviewing key personnel on both focussed and broad-reaching aspects of information security covering 700+ security controls. Arrpwere personnel designed the cyberworthiness and cyber health check framework to aligned with all major security frameworks, including ISM, NIST, CAF and ISO27001.

Cyber Hygiene Training

With the internet becoming more widely used and the number of internet-enabled devices increasing, it has never been more important to understand and practice good cyber hygiene. We have developed a free cyber hygiene course that explains how to create good cyber hygiene habits at home and in the workplace. The course is offered as bite-sized learning with each topic designed to be sent out discretely over 10 days. It helps individuals understand the essential and most important aspects of online safety and security.


Arrpwere provides cyber certification and accreditation services across a range of ICT projects and platforms. This includes detailed review of all ICT certification documentation, assessment of risk and follow-up advice to accreditation authorities.


Arrpwere delivers a broad range of test processes and functions, including cyber security testing for access, denial, intrusion, logging and alerting – testing access control lists, routing rules, firewall access, denial of service mitigation, load balance testing, disaster recovery and high availability testing.

Research & Development

Arrpwere has developed multiple products to assist customers in providing a secure environment.

Cyber Security Frameworks

The App: Cyber Security Frameworks (CSF) mobile app provides executives, security consultants and architects with access to information security controls across a diverse set of frameworks. The app also offers real-time threats relevant to specific industries and access to essential learning and information.

MBA in Cyber Security Management

We have developed an academic programme, MBA in Cyber Security Management, in partnership with a UB-based accredited business school, Oxademy Business School. The MBA degree is awarded by the University of Buckingham, ranked 5th in the UK in business and finance.


The Arrpwere Cyber Security Assessment helps organisations identify their cyber security posture and obtain a tailored cyber resilience strategy, giving them the confidence and capability to deal with increasing risk.

Our comprehensive assessment allows organisations to identify potential gaps and risks in their environment so they can ultimately implement a cost-effective cyber security plan. We are able to provide a customised cyber resilience approach by taking into account an organisation’s unique risk profile and understanding the digital assets at stake.
In developing the framework and methodology for the Arrpwere Cyber Security Assessment, we have combined international information security standards with best practice processes in cyber security, risk management, compliance, governance and people.
The Arrpwere Cyber Security Assessment is offered through Cyber Assurance Platform (CAP), an Arrpwere Cyber flagship system that provides a comprehensive view of an organisation’s cyber maturity, leading to a full Information Security Registered Assessors Program [IRAP] assessment.
NB: The Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) is an Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) initiative to provide high-quality information and communications technology (ICT) security assessment services to government.

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Strategic Leadership

The Challenge

To effectively deliver on and ensure compliance with cyber security principles in a highly sensitive environment, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ASCS) required leadership from a specialist with high-level skills and strategic vision.

The Approach

As an ASCS coordinator, Arrpwere personnel led teams and provided strategic direction to deliver whole-of-government information security policy and advice, deliver cryptographic services and coordinate responses to cyber security for systems belonging to government and systems of interest to government.

Threat Modelling

The Challenge

Defence Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) required a cyber security program that was appropriately tested to ensure it would stand up against emerging cyber threat. Assessment of security products was also of concern.

The Approach

A threat modelling approach was proposed with focus on integration into current processes. The approach was delivered in four stages: assessment, development, delivery and management of a threat modelling cyber security program for military weapons projects, integrating the Single Information Environment in CIOG.

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